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Disposable Medi-Curtains by Techniblinds, treated with Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection

Disposable Medi-Curtains by Techniblinds have been proven to be a vital tool in the battle against hospital acquired infections. When hospitals have introduced disposable curtains on their wards, alongside other infection control measures, they have seen significant reductions in infection rates.

Available in a full range of colours, Medi-Curtains are economical and easy to fit and change. This means they can be replaced frequently, which is key to their effectiveness in infection control.

Highly effective infection control

Easy to fit and replace

Treated with Ultra-Fresh®

Treated with Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection for total peace of mind

Traditional fabric curtains in hospitals has been scientifically linked to the source of ‘comparatively high counts of organisms’. Because Medi-Curtains are manufactured from 100% polypropylene, an inert material, infectious organisms struggle to survive within it’s fibres

To aid the prevention of infection, each curtain is treated with Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial protection which has been tested against a full range of dangerous bacteria and is effective against MRSA.

For all types of track system

Supplied in protective sleeve

Full colour range

Medi-Curtains are suitable for all types of track system, with a customised labelling system, ready to hang

For quick and easy replacement, disposable Medi-Curtains are supplied with the hanging system already fitted and are available in the standard styles: Eyelet Top, U Top and Peg Top. When ordering your curtains, simply state your preferred style. To ensure they are changed regularly, each disposable Medi-Curtain features a label to be completed by staff. This allows hospitals to monitor curtain change intervals and self-audit the curtain change policy for each individual department.

Compliant with fire retardancy standard BS 5867 Part 2 Type C, Medi-Curtains can be replaced in a matter of minutes. The full width curtains are supplied in boxes of 5, half width 8, and are easy to carry and store within a hospital ward. New curtains are then close at hand for when staff need to fit a replacement. Medi-Curtains also feature velcro fastening tie backs for a neater appearance.

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